Latin Capital

Asset Management


The aggregate experience in the financial markets of our asset managers exceeds a century. Our investment team members constantly exchange views and opinions with one another and all our team members work together in one open-plan space.    

Equity Management


To identify investment opportunities for our clients, we combine quantitative and qualitative analyses to identify what we think to be the best long term investments available. Through a process of elimination we reduce the universe of individual stocks or mutual funds to a manageable number of potential opportunities.We examine income statements and balance sheets or performance sheets for insight into the true prospects of a business or a mutual fund.


It is our sell discipline that is responsible for the sale of equity positions. We sell positions when we assess that the risk is incommensurate with the potential return. This discipline relates to observing or foreseeing a deterioration of one or more of the conditions we monitor or to unfavorable and unexpected corporate or environmental events. We also manage risk by reducing individual positions when they become too large in relation to the total portfolio.   


Fixed Income Management


We believe that fixed income securities play an important and varied role in achieving our client's investment objectives. Whether an individual investor, a corporation, a pension fund or an investment trust, our fixed income management strategies are customized to satisfy the client's fundamental investment needs. 


Interest rate risk management and liquidity are important considerations in executing our investment strategy. Liquidity is important for providing cash when needed and to easily effect a change of investment strategy when necessary. Since changes in interest rates are the biggest contributors to the market value of fixed income securities, we place a great deal of emphasis on economic analysis. We use a discipline that encompasses the more traditional economic indicators with proprietary macro-economic models so that we can better anticipate cyclical changes in interest rates. This enhances our ability to reposition the duration of our client's portfolio's to maximize returns.