Latin Capital

Real Estate Brokerage


Buying or selling a home is a major life decision, and we will provide you with the advice, expertise and service that you need and deserve.


Institutional clients we invite to discuss their investment needs with us to help them  making proper investment decisions.   

Making solid real estate investment decisions requires diligence, especially when the results tie directly to your personal wealth. That is why we bring together a full complement of resources, tailored to help you making the right choices. We analyze real estate markets and evolving trends. We interpret that information and develop solid recommendations.


Whether you are looking for a single house or for a commercial proposition, we will ensure that your real estate investment reflects who you are and how you want to manage your assets. We help you monitor your investments for optimal returns and recommend changes when conditions warrant.


Transparancy is key to our business philosophy. Unlike usual practices in the regional markets, we only charge a fixed fee per transaction.