Latin Capital

Wealth Management

We are known for working with our clients, not just for them. As one of the most respected financial advisors in the region we bring you strategies and insights from professionals located in markets throughout the world.

Wealth Management


Successful investing is based on the simple but yet powerful premise of wealth management. Your investments and your life are uniquely intertwined. Whether by design or by accident, they are both part of a bigger picture. We advise that it be by design.   


Our clients tell us that seeing this bigger picture makes all the difference between us and what they usely experience from a financial advisor. And as you lead your business towards its next stage, you will be pleased to learn that we indeed do understand the connection between your business and your life.


Wealth Transfer


We will approach your plan for wealth transfer from a wider angle than than a traditional estate plan. We work with you to understand your definition of a rich life, then craft a plan to help you lead it and pass on what you see as most important to the next generation.


Asset Protection


By understandig the lifestyle that you enjoy, and the one that you are building towards, we can see the threats against it: taxes, inflation, volatility, creditors, lawsuits and identity exposure and we will help you deal with them using smart strategies and niche operations.